Street children outreach

What we do

  • Provide a daily breakfast for the children who live on the streets of Soroti. We have been able to reach out to so many lives, on average we minister to fifteen to fifty street children.
  • Organize a weekly program, where they play sports and do other fun activities. During this time the children have the possibility to wash themselves and their clothes and enjoy a warm meal.
  • Introduce the love of Jesus Christ, through simple acts such as music and gospel messages. They are loved and they are taught on how they can be good human beings; they are growing and getting healthier.
  • Give the boys a safe and stable home, where we provide in basic needs, like food and drink. We have a place where they are known and loved, accepted and respected, so they can develop themselves to the persons they were created to be.

During soccer matches in town, outsiders could not distinguish the street children from our program and the children living in homes. The children feel known and loved. Thank you for your support!

(Read more: This project started in the summer of 2018, when a group of Dutch young Christian sporters went on a mission trip with an organization called Next Move. It was their main goal to share the love of God through sports ministry. During one of those days, when they were playing sports, they heard a child crying. A young boy was lying on the ground, tied with black ropes around his wrists and his feet. His face was in the sand while a man was beating him with a piece of black plastic. One of the team members walked towards them and told them to stop. They told her that this boy stole a ball and that he would only tell them where that ball was if he would be in pain. The team members who stood there did not agree and told them to untie the boy. He was just a child! The two team members went with this boy, the man who was holding him tight and the pastor to the place where the stolen ball had to be. When they arrived, a new group of people stood around them, one of them ready to beat the child with a stick. One of the members screamed ‘STOP!’ and told together with the other team member that we all make mistakes and we all need forgiveness. They talked with the boy and found out that his mother abandoned him a few years ago. That was the reason why he became a street child. At the end of the day the teammembers who stayed with him invited this street child and his friends to come to the same place the next day. When the team arrived, a group of fifteen boys between 12 and 16 years came running towards them. That smile on their faces, it was priceless! These boys all sleep and live on the street. It was so special to see how happy they were with a little personal and loving attention, some food and playing sports together. The team members got in touch with a pastor and Coach Mike, who decided that they wanted to take care of these children when the team would go back to the Netherlands. And that is what they did. Since the summer these boys got a meal and a sports program once a week and right now there are two amazing women who cook a meal for them every morning. The team extended with two other coaches, who assist in the weekly sports program and project is really growing! The boys learn about God, they get medical care, a possibility to wash them, to eat and have fun together. We also started renting a house where coach Mike and three of the boys, one of them is the boy we stood up for, live. It is amazing what could done by the help of our sponsors!)