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Dezember 8th


Each year it get better and better and last Sunday , the school compound was filled with pupils, on rides and swings, cooking and decorations taking all over the tents , singing, fellowship, lots of foods and much sodas everything was for our children.

At the school Father Christmas led the cutting of the cake with the pupils and gave out some gifts to some of them, another great event was to graduate the pupils from top class to primary one, they received certificates alongside their parents and guardians.

You would not believe how many adults showed up for this event. It was something to tell us how our relationship between the school and the community has grown over the years. This is something so good that we desired to see. Our desires were to see the community embrace the opportunity we have set before them and welcome it with open hands. The best thing that has so far happened to this community is the presence of our school which has opened up its gates to welcome and support needy children from very poor families with educate coupled with Christian values.

However, the above could not have happened if it was not for the big and loving hearts of our wonderful partners in Lauffen, Germany. It has been in deed your support that has enabled most of these children to be in school. We are so pleased and proud of having you as our great partners.

May God richly bless you and offer you a great Christmas season.

Thanks from Management.
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Dezember 5th


Greetings to you all our dearest friends and to our incredible sponsors, well we thank the Almighty God, that we have managed to come to almost the end of the year 2017 in victory and in power. In His divine will, we plan to feed you in these coming weeks with wonderful news and pictures of our christmass children parties. For there is no other better way to end the year while celebrating with children who may not be able to have fun and celebrate christmass back home due to several issues which we can not dig into for now.

Our first christmass celebrations were with the Mityana children which were graced by the attendance of their parents and guardians plus other well-wishers from the community. To help you remember about our work in this community, sometime ago we came up to support a straggling school owned by a divorced and single mother who was helping to offer education to children in the area who used to walk long distances to find a school, we begun by supporting 7 pupils and over the years our number has increased to over 20 pupils whom we pay fees, school uniforms, books, pens, shoes , etc.

It has been so amazing to watch our pupils transform from being just poor village kids into being one of the smartest and hardworking pupils in this school better yet our presence has impacted a great attitude change where now families send their children to school rather than retaining them at home.

The other big impact is the foundations of knowledge and wisdom of God we always share with the parents and the community whenever we meet them and this time it was not any different, we shared with parents about child care and raising, prepared breakfast and lunch served the children and their parents and guardians who were over 300, we received entertainment from the pupils, some of the parents gave us gifts and the day was truly a great christmass celebrations.

Thanks to you our Lauffen, Germany partners for standing and supporting us. we acknowledge your kind and generous hearts and hard work. You have been an amazing team in the year 2017, we pray that may Our Almighty bless your lives and may He reward each of your efforts you have set to serve and support the work of this ministry.
we have no doubts that next year we shall enjoy great partnership as we advance for the kingdom of God.
thanks from management.
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November 29th


We are glad for the focused programs going on at the primary section especially when they are about to end the year.

As a ministry we believe that we must seize every opportunity before us, to teach those before us the acts of kindness towards our neighbours and most especially those in need. This is the reason as to why our primary pupils and the support of their parents and guardians supervised by their teachers went to the community to show their love in action by giving out home basic needs to several families.

It should be obvious that everyone knows the impact of loving and caring those in need, but to our observations many never mind and find no reason as to why they need to give to strangers who are never their relatives.

But we are very glad at the administration of the school which saw the need that at this very stage pupils should be taught the aspect of love and compassion that activates their sense of being kind and loving towards their fellow children before they are grown-ups.

The major component of this activity was purely showing love and to socialise with people around our school, we thank everyone who joined us as we carried out this nice event.

Thanks from management.
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November 22nd


Compared to last years’ music concert which was well prepared, where we had matching performances from our pupils which were informative and educative. This years’ event has been boosted to a further level.

The school has prepared special days for our pupils to have enough time to rehearse and do perfections so as to have a far more production than that of the last year
, ‘A significant number of activities have been included as well as other key projects organized by the school prior to this special day”

as remarked by the head teacher of the school whom we meet while supervising the rehearsals. So we can’t wait to cover what these youngsters have.

On behalf of the school management and on our behalf as the overseers of the school which provides sponsorship to majority children from the community of Kilombe, Lukuli, Nsambya.

we would like to say a big thank you to all our dear friends and sponsors for standing with us in maintaining these precious lives into school where they feel loved and cared for.

May our great God the owner of everything bless you.

Thanks from management.
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November 7th