Boys transitional home  

What we do

  • Give the boys a safe and stable home, where we provide basic needs, like food and drink. We want them to have a place where they are known and loved, accepted and respected, so they can develop themselves to the persons they were created to be.

  • Enable them to go to school and earn a qualified high school certificate. It is our policy for every boy admitted into our home that he must be willing to go to school. By the support of our partners and sponsors we pay their fees and everything that is needed to go to school.

  • Teach our boys about the true love of Jesus Christ and raise them in a Christian way. The staff members in the tenant group are all Christians and want to be a model and encouragement for the boys to live with Jesus Christ. We spiritually encourage them through our family devotional fellowship meeting, attending church and giving them a personal bible.

  • Reintegrate the boys into their families (if existing) after some time in our home. The SAI-team undertakes the task of locating the family of origin, making contact with them through joint visits. We want to stand beside the boys when they reconcile with their families and, if that is the case, resume there. At these joint visits it is our staff members’ task to devote some thoughts to the families to determine what is needed for the teenager to be reintegrated. If this seems to be impossible due to family circumstances, the boy stays in our home.

The boys are really thankful that they finally found a safe place to live and to rest. They experienced the first night in their own bed as something very special. The boys and us are very glad that we have the possibility to take the ‘street’ out of the street children, so they are just children who can grow up with everything a child deserves!  

(Read more: Our home was born out of an urgent need for a place where we could rehabilitate street boys and offer a shelter to those who were total orphans and couldn’t manage the street lifestyle. In 2014, our transitional home started with three boys. Since then our home has grown to nine boys between the age of 10 to 16 years old. The teenagers who currently live in our home met the staff members of SAI at the weekly ghetto ministry program. In discussions their distress became clear and they showed that they were highly motivated to change their lives. Kyambadde Elijah, who is a mentor to them, lives with them. He supervises and mentors them and he supports them in their everyday life, like in their school work. Whereas some of the boys are total orphans and lived as fulltime street children, there are others who come from very poor families. The daily routines and house chores depend on school times and holidays. During school times, aunt Irene takes care of cooking, cleaning and washing their clothes. After the boys have had their supper, she leaves. This is done from Monday to Sunday, in order to provide enough time for the boys to focus on their studies. During holidays they have enough time to play and prepare themselves any meal of their choice. They also have lots of time to play, which is a complete new experience for them. About preparing them to be responsible, each of the boys is assigned a responsibility every morning, such as cleaning and preparing their bedrooms, sweeping and mopping the house, bathrooms, cleaning the compounds, responsible for shopping, their breakfast and groceries and paying utility bills. In our transitional home, we try to offer them a real home environment and celebrate special occasions with them such as their birthdays, sometimes go out for swimming, attending social Christian youth events such as youth camps and competitions in the house. In all of this Elijah is supported by Wasswa Benon.)