Andrea Schneider

Founder and chairman

‘I believe it was really God’s call to start something. In a very very strong dream I believe God spoke to me and told me that I should raise children. In the dream I saw a black child was dead, but it was not dead. They were going to bury him and I saw the child was stil alive. I said: ‘No no no please help, this child is alive. We have to get her out of the coffin to see if everything is fine!’. After this I got a message from God that He is with me and that He has chosen me to help the children in Uganda. With this background we started Saving Arms International and right now I still believe that it really was God’s plan to do it.’ 


Reiner Schowalter

‘We can help the children to lead a better life and by that they can change their environment.’

Carolin Bettenmüller


‘It makes me happy when I can be a part of establishing a better future for the children in Uganda and when they experience the love of Jesus Christ through that.’ 




‘My experiences with the young people showed me that because of SAI, big changes and hope are established in these lives.’