About us

Saving Arms International is a faith based organization working with underserved communities to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Uganda, through promoting children’s welfare in slums, ghettos, streets and villages, we reach out to homeless children staying and living on streets, towards getting the off and be reconciled with their relatives. We use Christian values, child friendly approaches, health and safety interventions in order to reach out to their needs. Some of these include the use of gospel, music, games and sports. We are committed to dialogues with other stakeholders, government agencies, international partners, civil society organizations, and the society at large, in line with children’s rights, health and safety, quality measures. In our internal operations, Saving Arms International (SAI) we have the executive board of directors, managers of different projects, heads of departments, volunteers, mentoring and internships.

Our mission

Our desires are to use appropriate and efficient mitigation measures which comply with all regulatory legal requirements to resettle street children with their relatives. Our mission is to build strong Christian communities, through education, missions and evangelism including discipleship, moral rehabilitation of children, sharing love and care.

Our vision

We invision a Uganda free from street kids, physical and spiritual poverty. We are commited to strengthening the communities, caring for people in need and achieving excellence in everything we do. We are united in demonstrating of God’s love, proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ and persuit of a holistic community transformation. Saving Arms International was founded by young men, who had witnessed the misery of street children during one of their outreaches in one of Kampala’s biggest slums ‘Kisenyi’. Since then the ministry has grown to impact thousands of street children.

Our Goals

  • We want to give needy and neglected children and teenagers a chance to have a brighter future.
  • We want to provide them with vital goods like food, clothes, medical support and skills.
  • We want to give hope and love through our affection on how Jesus Christ can change their lives.
  • Protect and realise the human rights of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs).
  • To reduce stigma, promote community acceptance and support for orphans and other vulnerable children.

Our core values

  • Relationship: We care about seeing people as whole person and not just function, and care about cultivating relationship where by our staff, partners and people we serve can excel and thrive both personally and professionally.
  • Impact: We care about results, not completed activities, effectiveness not just the efficiency.
  • Learning: We care about continual learning across all programs and operations to strengthen our implementation and spur on innovation.
  • Unity in diversity: We care about being united by our common purpose, and appreciating our differences as a common strength.
  • Responsiveness: We care about being proactive in responding with compassion to physical and spiritual need.
  • Stewardship: We care about being faithful with the resources God has given us.

Download our policy here: savingsarmsinternational